Friday, November 07, 2008


BUSY BUSY (then some) taking my wooden spoon, with me

Again, my apologies, for neglect of this BLOG.

During the last few weeks, I have been very busy ???

I have seen my NEUROLOGIST, for a general consult.
We have agreed to suspend, my taking, of the HIGH dose Vitimin E, that is prescribed to me, so we can check on my requirements, prior to reintroducing, the vitamin E.

Went the Swansea office, of the WEA

Attended a meeting at Red Roses, with Carmarthenshire Network Partnership

Went to Aberystwyth for a forum meeting with BBC Capture Wales
(Evening at Towy Boat Club – Laying up Supper)

Trip to Access08 in Manchester, stayed at Premier Inn- Deansgate Locks, The staff were wonderful, even fixed me up to have my photo taken with some international athletes, that were at staying at the hotel, while undertaking training for a major event.
While in Manchester, visited Disabled Living

Review at tripadvisor , later

Also met up with a friend and their family, (who will become a member of Ataxia South Wales).
We met at the Harvester McArthur Glen, Bridgend, we then spent the afternoon in the shopping Mall. All the kids “got on really well”, and are talking via the internet, on a regular basis.

Went to a monthly meeting of the “Green Dragon Bus”
Next morning (5.04 am) caught a train to Manchester, to attend the Assist UK conference and AGM
Stayed at Days Inn which is part of Manchester conference centre

Last, Friday, my SPEECH Therapist, rang to see how I am getting on ? going to come to Coleshill, to see me
Visits, to the dentist, to make sure that I DON’T have any problems, with my teeth, while on Holiday (Fuerteventura) in a few weeks time.
Dentist has prescribed “antibiotics” to help with any dental problems associated with this heavy cold, that has occurred !!

This evening will be going to visit Jason (nephew) whose 14, today.

As usual, photos will be uploaded to Flickr

In between all this catching up with my extended family, from the Ataxia UK conference

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