Wednesday, December 17, 2008


all go and RAC

Satuday (13-12-08)
We travelled to Cardiff Bay, to meet a few friends.
We all met in the Red Dragon Centre
Lunch was in the Chinese restaurant, right next to where we all met.
A wonderful meal – all you could eat- buffet (at a good , cheap, price)
Then we CHATTED split up around town the kids enjoyed the DrWho Exhibition
(so did I)
After we went for a stroll around the Bay, to see all the delights, and then back to the Bowling Alley`s.
All the lanes where booked up, until late, that night.
So we went into the amusement arcade, and will return to BOWL , very soon.
Photo on Flickr

Tuesday I was to go to Swansea to attend a WEA
On the way, to catch the train, A squeaking, noise, started to come from the front wheel, of the car ??. I listened, but it seemed very intermittent ?? After a few miles, it had become loud and constant, so loud, people on the streets, of StClears, where looking at the car.
I pulled in to, ring the RAC, (A FREE service for Motabilty customers) from Elaine`s (sister in law) house, the RAC where out, within an hour or so. The technician drove the car, to identify the noise, He removed the wheel, and saw the problem, straight away.
A small chipping jammed in between the brake disc and brake calliper. Never had he seen such a small stone make such a MASSIVE noise !!!! and for the stone to get to such an “out of the way” place was unbelievable .
By then I had missed the train, so returned home, an was able to log in and CHAT to my “on line” Ataxian friends.

In between all this, trying to write up travel reviews, for a lot of websites, one of which is tripadvisor
as well as alot of research work for travel or Digital Story related.

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