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Fuerventura -Holiday - Multi ended candle Wanted

Sorry, for the delay.
Multi ended candle, to look for!!!!!!!.

Travelled, to Bristol airport on 19th November, to catch an early flight to
The travel agent, had NOT book assistance, for me (even after we had double checked with them !!)
So it was down to us to make the arrangements.
An Assistance desk is situated in the departure hall, and sorted everything out.
Flight took off on time.
Landing in Fuerteventura was good, the air was HOT !!!
Coach transfer was about three quarters of an hour ( the coach rep was absolutely useless, the highlight was her pointing out a derelict hotel, in which squatters had used as a home !!! the return journey was just as interesting plus I asked her if my wheelchair was on the bus, she hasn’t answered me YET !!!!)

The resort in Corralejo – Hotel Suite Atlantis, is very nice, big, numerous pools, many restaurants.
Whole area, is paved and mostly slopes, instead of steps. (except for a small lip into reception) NOTE the tiles around the restaurant are very slippery when wet .
Plus there are STEPS down to the restaurant ( which the travel agent did not know about) but there is a stair lift, operated with a key, you get from reception, and you keep for the duration of your stay.
The hotel had computers, too keep in touch, with the world !!!

Jason (nephew,14) made a lot of friends, joined in all the activities of the “kids Club”, won some awards. Which he got given to him, as part of the entertainment programme.

We took a trip over to Lanzarote, to see the Volcanoes. Went by ferry, (volcano express) sea was “choppy”, over to Playa Blanca, got on tour bus, along the highway, up to Timanfaya National Park with the volcanoes.

Had a few days, lazing around the pool, took a taxi into town, saw lots of shops, restaurants, went on the town “Noddy Train” (which has a wheelchair ramp, on the rear carriage) a sight seeing small train, that goes around town.

A short walk (or wheel) is Centro Comercial Shopping Center, a shopping center we went to a few times. It is open during the day and part of the evening, when there is a band playing , in the middle, under the clock tower, which you can climb, to the top, for views of the town.

All the pavements have some sort of “dropped Kerbs” but beware of rough surfaces and upside down drain covers !!!!.

On the last day, it was raining,, but that didn’t matter, as we were travelling to the airport, for the return home.

My holiday photos can be seen at Flickr

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