Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Happy New Year - Bowling - packing

The Green Dragon Bus http://www.prta.co.uk/prta%20English/home.htm had a christmas lunch, at Cafi Becca, Efailwen.
On Friday 19th, I went to Coleshill, for the christmas dinner (James Bond, theme) and to say a (very) few words at a presentation of the “SHINE” awards, that the staff have won, (from my nomination).

Went down, to the travel agents on Monday, to pick up our tickets, for the trip to the Gambia.. Also fetched our Farm fresh turkey, from a farm in Bleanwaun.

Christmas day, was spent at Elaines.
Jason had a Nintendo Wii, which dominated the day, getting us all to play, the bowling seemed pretty good.

I had a new ACER 5535 laptop, but took it back, as the CD tray was not opening.
May think of trying again, later in the month.

Sunday 28th – Dawn, Jason and I went to the Red Dragon Centre http://www.thereddragoncentre.co.uk/Ease/servlet/DynamicPageBuild;jsessionid=y46bdmjfi1?siteID=1929&categoryID=1 Cardiff Bay, to meet up with friends, and go (REAL) bowling.
Before this we all had a meal at Oriental Garden http://www.thereddragoncentre.co.uk/Ease/servlet/DynamicPageBuild?siteID=1929&categoryID=28&catName=Oriental%20Garden (all you can eat, Buffet)(no turkey sandwiches!!).

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR
(think of ME, in the airport !!)

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