Monday, January 26, 2009


Settling in to "CANDLE" Hunting !!

Its been a fairly, busy week, trying to get back to “NORMAL”.

Been sorting photos, writing reports, replying to hundreds, of emails, sorting out some “LOCAL” travel plans.

Was able to return to the gym, during the week, went two days, on the trot !!!.
Also managed to go to the cinema, in Cardigan went to see
La Casa Di Dio
Burn After Readng

Friday, the bus, for Coleshill turned up, a relief driver, who had my name down, as a “collection” (I felt a bit guilty, for not going in).

Went to the Train Station, to book tickets, to Chesterfield, Sheffield, for my trip early, next month. Hope to (I WILL) stay at a friends house, while I attend a conference, in Sheffield.
(booking the train journeys, was straight foreward, as the attendant was very helpful, (a different attendant, from the “Jobs worth”, I saw on previous visits !!!).

Saturday, evening, we attended, A Curry Night at Towy Boat Club, we finished, the night off, with a few friends going to local public house.

As soon as I have, a few moments, I will try and finish part 2 of the Gambian Adventure, but meanwhile, there are some updated photos, at flickr

the two/three ended candle hunt, is on !!!!

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