Monday, August 24, 2009


Time - TIME - TIME - Time

I have upgraded to a NEW mobile phone, an LG Cookie
(my old phones, no5, had an intermittent fault, so if your number had 5 in it, well ?, and sending text messages, it was a *@!$?)
Over the last few weeks have been to many meetings, been swimming most mornings, and catching up on emails (as chairman of Ataxia South Wales, the “inbox” seems fairly occupied, every day)
Met up with makers of NOMAD wheelchairs the wheelchairs are very light and very manoeuvrable, as well as looking very nice.
Time has gone very quickly, and the month seems to be gone ??, trying to book a holiday, for October. The Ataxia UK is on 3rd October in a hotel on Manchester Airport, so we are taking advantage of being at the airport !!
Ataxia South Wales have two “Wheely Wobbly Walks” one at Millenium Coastal path, Llanelli on Sunday 6th September
Another is taking place at Roath Park, Cardiff on Saturday 26th September.
These are all part of “International Ataxia Awareness Day” 25th September.
The Ataxia Conference will be on October 3rd in Manchester airport (handy, that, it makes you want to go on a flight, afterwards ???).
Talking of Ataxia, I have an appointment, at the specialist Ataxia clinic, in Sheffield, next week, (something I have been trying to confirm, for a long while). See

Ataxia South Wales, have two “Wheely Wobbly Walks”
One in Llanelli on 6th September
Second in Roath park, on 26th September

Sarah Outen finished her adventure, I hope to catch up with her at Southampton Boat Show.
Hope to manage, to update, this BLOG, more often than of late, been a bit busy (for a change !!)

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