Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Boats and Suitcases - Exciting times

On Saturday 19th September, we travelled up to Southampton, by car.
We stayed overnight at Holiday Express in Botley road, we have stayed here before, so knew it would be fine.
Next day, after breakfast, we went to Southampton Boat Show, http://www.southamptonboatshow.com/2009_home/home.aspx to meet up with friends from Devon.
We all got together and made our way, through the MASSIVE area of the event, down to the marina, where we met Sarah Outen http://sarahouten.co.uk/ and “DIPPERS”, Sarahs boat. You MUST watch the clip, of her voyage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DRvHE52KrE&feature=player_embedded
We all had photos and a good chat.
We then met up with Geoff Holt http://www.geoffholt.com/ , with who we had another good chat and photos, we all went up to the “record breakers” stage, to watch Sarah and Geoff, and to take part in the “Semaphore” record. http://www.southamptonboatshow.com/2009_home/whats_on/attractions/come_and_break_a_record.aspx .
We met up with Sarah Outen for afternoon tea, we had some more chat and insight into her epic challenge, plus a personal invite to her party, later in the month. After we said our goodbyes to Sarah, and went for a look around the show (for Bargains!!),.
I went on the “step climber” (third year, in a row) on the SUNSEEKER http://www.sunseeker.com/ stand, WOW, how the other half live ??? one day they will make them totally wheelchair accessable.
In the evening we went for supper at Geoff Holts house, a FANTASTIC evening of “catching up” and to meet Susanna, his medic, on his next voyage.
We left, for the holiday Express Inn, which isn’t too far away. For another night, before we travel home on Monday.
The Devon / Carmarthenshire “Goodbye” was around 10ish (but we will be meeting up SOON) and so back to motorway travelling.
Monday evening I attended a meeting of Headway http://www.headway.org.uk/ , in Carmarthen. A very well attended event.
Wednesday, I went to Coleshill Social Centre, to attend another meeting, while there I made a telephone interview for Able Radio http://www.ableradio.com/ (cant find a direct link to my interview) It was for “International Ataxia Awareness Day” which was Friday 25th September. Events were held all over the UK http://www.ataxia.org.uk/ and worldwide http://www.livingwithataxia.org/
I displayed IAAD PVC banners (outside my house and in “school”) and on Saturday 26th our Ataxia South Wales, branch, held their second “Wheely Wobbly Walk” in Roath Park, Cardiff. A well attended event, which was a sponsored walk event, which has made alot of funds and awareness.
This week, getting back to normal, Gym and Swim at http://www.lletycynin.co.uk/index.php and getting ready for attending the Ataxia UK conference in Manchester.
As always photos at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanroygbiv/

Great post Alan. Sounds like a good show,
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