Sunday, November 01, 2009


WANTED = A TRUSTY- Multi ended Candle, with a Time Warp FACILITY

OMG, time has “FLOWN” by ???
I have, had, to split, my BLOG, into “Episodes”, as the last few weeks has included- SO MUCH.
Thursday (1st October) I received my new wheelchair.
A very “Trendy” NOMAD
No time to “Practice” with it, as we were, catching a train, next morning, to Manchester Airport, to attend the Ataxia UK, conference. The conny, was to be held in the Raddison SAS, Directly on the airport.
Hotel, was excellent, Rooms very nicely laid out (even when you turned the TV, on, it displayed a “Welcome” screen, including, your name!!).
The afternoon, was spent meeting very good friends, and some new friends.
Catching up with the friends, I have met before, and keep in touch with, on a regular, basis, was LOVELY.
After, breakfast,, we all registered for the Conference and the days activities.
What a excellent day, details can be found at
As chairman of Ataxia South Wales, I was very proud to see, that a lot of the branch, had come to the conference. Which was evident, by the wearers, of ASW badges and ASW Badges.
The evening was so good to mingle, with attendees, and to really have some good “FACE TO FACE” conversations, with people, who I have only MET on-line.
To elaborate, on the whole event, would take so much time and typing.
Some photo`s at
I would just say,, it was an excellent time, and ROLL ON NEXT YEAR.
Next day, was a morning of saying “FAREWELL” to most of the attendees. Not for me, as Dawn and I were catching, an evening flight to Lanzarote, to have a holiday, Good friends, of ours Glenys + Dave (they were flying out, to meet us, the following day).
In the afternoon, just before, the start of my “goodbye” I was told, of my election to the board of Trustees of Ataxia UK, FANTASTIC, news to start a holiday.
The next, BLOG “instalment”, will focus on the trip abroad, plus mention of forthcoming activities.

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