Monday, May 03, 2010


WOW where is this year going ??

How time flies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following events attended (with the odd detail)
Wales Neurological Alliance meeting in Cardiff Bay (24-3-10)
Due to Industrial action (outside the SENEDD) we had to relocate the venue to the Urdd offices, opposite. This was arranged at short notice many thanks to Buddug, for arranging this.
Attended a small group to enable us to exchange some disability awareness (25-3-10)
Made a Train Journey up to London. Visited the Ideal Home Expo, in Earls Court (26-3-10) I managed to catch up with where I had another relaxing massage, before making my way to the hotel ready for meeting up with friends for the Ataxia UK board meeting, the next day.
Monday 29-3-10, w went to Sinclair Volkswagon, Neyland to pick up our NEW VW Touran. A Motability car. We chose another Touran as we were very happy with the last Touran.
Asked to attend a meeting with Whitland town Council, to explain the services available from the Green Dragon Bus / Preseli Rural Transport Association This meeting proved an advantage from all parties involved.
Ataxia South Wales meeting was arranged for Sunday 11th April @ Newport Gwent.
As we had no venue suitable available to us we had a meeting and lunch in a Toby Carvery.
NOT ideal, but next time we can source a more suitable (quieter) meeting place.
We managed to discuss, things after having Sunday Lunch. One item was the interest in a Website for our Branch, which this is the result and a Facebook page (no login required).
Nice Sunday (18-4-10) picnic along the Cardigan Coastal path (along the top of some scary narrow cliff top paths !. the path crosses a golf course so you have to keep your eye out for flying balls !!!!. I managed to clamber down some rocks to the sea and managed to gather to golf balls and return them to some ammeter players.
Cardiff (19-4-10) meeting to discuss the setting up of the Wales Neurological Alliance website.
Train journey to Birmingham NEC (21-4-10) to attend NAIDEX (Disability Expo)
Where some friends had arranged to meet up.
The NAIDEX Expo was Very good, saw alot of usefull items and made alot of networking contacts.
I met up with two other Ataxia UK Trustees and we had a WONDERFUL time at the show, even made an interview with Sally of Able radio our interview was broadcast on Monday 26-4-10 at 11.00am.
I spent rest of Wednesday and all Thursday at NAIDEX where I met some other member of ASW friends of AUK and on-line members of LWA
On the Friday I caught the train to Birmingham New Street, where we all met up again. I met Dawn there as we were going to Leicester for the AUK Branch Officers Conference Weekend.
Our next leg of the train journey, was shared with two great friends and fellow trustees, who were also attending. Once at the venue (University campus) we met with other branch members and friends, and checked in to our rooms (most of us had the same rooms allocated to us as when we attended last year)
We all met up for drinks and a meal as well as a short “Getting to know you” workshop this was very interesting and amusing.
A short spell in the lounge bar, before bedtime, Saturday was the “workday” of the weekend.
We covered various topics about being a AUK branch, in the afternoon we had a session on the AUK website branch pages, and how to contribute to them.
Very informative. We worked in groups for this with me having my Laptop with me, made sure that each group had a laptop each .
After dinner that evening we had a FANTASTIC evening in the lounge bar. We took part in a quiz, with some TOP space scientists, that were also there (we didn’t win ???).
Sunday we said our farewells and all started our journeys home. Ours was the longest as due to the railway engineering our journey was via a different and much longer route than normal !!!
I went and attended the PACTO event, in Queens Hall, Narberth on Tuesday (27-4-10)

Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations,696&parent_directory_id=673
Very interesting and educational (in community transport terms) good networking opportunities.
Wednesday back in Cardiff Future Inns, for Disability Wales Launch of the Independent Living campaign. Another good day of networking and meeting new people plus mixing with a few Assembly members.
If you want you can sign a petition on the Welsh Assembly website here e-Petition: National Strategy on Independent Living
Thursday (29-4-10) travel (short journey 17 miles) to attend Local Health Board ; Health + Well Being meeting in Carmarthen
Very good, but when I got back to the car I found I had a parking ticket !!! £50 !!!!
For parking too long in a disabled bay, in a car park (I WAS DISPLAYING MY BLUE BADGE) I was with councillors in the meeting and even they were advising people that car parking for the disabled car parking spaces have unlimited time !!!
Went to the new cinema in Carmarthen on Sunday 2nd May watched Iron Man 2 bit slow story line, alot of fast pace shooting/violence, for a 12A cert. (oooo your getting old Alan)
This week planning for more train journeys to attend meetings.
As usuall photos at Flickr

A 50 pound ticket is outrageous. cna you get it overturned?
I am appealing, the council wanted proof that I was at a Health and Wellbeing meeting (council related)
I got a letter of proof from the correct department, just got too wait for a decsion !!
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