Thursday, July 22, 2010


Busy making freinds (at No 10)

A very busy few weeks.
Attended Swansea Disability forum on 5th.
Then on Tuesday 6th took the train up to Cardiff, to meet Holly and Phill, who were filming the “people Task Force” . see the finished film clip on Youtube
Stayed in Cardiff, overnight, as I had a meeting in Swansea at 10.00am – so it wasn’t worth going home and travelling back, the next morning. For those interested the meeting was
Speech Therapist came to see me on Friday, while I was in Coleshill, on Friday. Everything in order (as well as they can be !!)
Dawn and I went on the train to Cardiff, on Saturday 10-7-10. We were going to the Food Festival- and meet up with ASW members Tim and Alice (as it was Tims birthday, we all decided to do our own thing for the day. Tim and Alice went to the Millennium Centre, Dawn and I went shopping and to the food Festival.
We were hoping to meet up with Gary (from Eastbourne) who was down to watch speedway in the Millennium Stadium we didnt get the chance to meet as Cardiff was SO busy –with SO many events on the same day !! (the queue for the buses from the Bay to the city were an hour long !!)
Monday 12th a BIG day !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I caught the train up to London, in the afternoon with the race Online2012 team, we were invited to a reception at 10 Downing Street to launch the “Manifesto for a Networked Nation”.
(I went in the front door, of number 10 -in my wheelchair)
We spoke to David Cameron (the Prime Minister) in the cabinet office before he made a speech to everyone present at the ceremony. Read more at
My comment to race online2012
I was very excited and honoured to attend No10 Downing Street, on Monday 12th July, to Launch the Manifesto for a Networked Nation.To actually enter the cabinet office, (and sit in the PMs chair) was amazing. Plus to talk Face to Face with PM David Cameron was a good experience. It was good to see he was interested in the “Peoples Task Force”, stories.As a Disabled person, it was very nice to be able to enter No 10 via the front door, something I was very keen to do !!. Plus I have had personal experience of how using the internet has benefited me Educationally, Socially and Saving Money, something which every person should be able to do !.I would like to THANK everyone involved at Race Online2012 and 10 Downing Street for a wonderfull afternoon.Over the next two days I attended conferences on E-Access and Building Perfect Websites (held in Olympia 2). These were very good networking opportunities and spreading the word of the race online 2012 campaign.Alan Thomas “peoples Task Force”You can view race Online2012 YouTube videos at
The next 2 days were spent at meetings in Olympia2, London (eAccess on Tuesday and Building perfect NHS/council websites (Accessabilty) on Wednesday.
Thursday was a virtually free day. Made my way to Race Online2012 office then I went to visit Ripley`s Believe it or Not very good.
(On the way, I managed to find myself in the middle of setting up for the premier of the Karate Kid in Leicester Square !! )
Upon leaving I was rushing for the bus, my wheelchair wheel missed the ramp into the bus, I ended up on the pavement (on my back) in the middle of a very busy Piccadilly circus !!!.
Back to the premier inn (tower bridge) to meet up with friends.
Friday 16th I and fellow trustees and staff (of Ataxia UK) met in the office, for an “away day” (wrong title as it was a day in the office) a good day looking at the Strategic plan for the next few years.
Following day we returned to the office for a trustee board meeting, to discuss, many, matters.
Sunday 18th return home, by train (I HAD booked mobility assistance, but Paddington, had NO record of it !! second time this has happened)
The first thing I noticed was how the air is REALLY fresh and much cleaner I could tell the dramatic difference, from being in London for the week.
As always photos at

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