Monday, January 29, 2007



It looks, as if I have SO much to do, My posts here are “slowing down”

Friday, I went to “school” Time for me to catch-up and chat to friends (as I have been in for a while), My speech Therapist came, very impressed with my progress (even though I haven’t had time to do any of the Tongue exercises, she set me, before xmas, (this I ammitted to !!).
The computer tutor told us we have an exam in a few weeks, SO I HAD BETTER MAKE TIME TO DO SOME STUDIES !!!!

Saturday, we went to Haverfordwest, shopping. Went to Victoria Bookshop, got in but two thirds of the shop is inaccessible, due to steps dividing it into three levels !! (Email/letters of complaint are to be sent to everyone concerned)
Up to TESCO for a cup of tea and a some Food shopping. We then went to pick-up Jason (nephew), from St.Clears who was staying with us for the night.

Sunday, returned Jason home, on our way to Llanelli, for the Ataxia South Wales meeting, here we discussed various items for fundraising and events we can hold or attend, over the coming year.

Today (Monday) I have got the usual “very busy” day, to organise, as well as “research” my “big” SECRET.
On top, of the long list, of my things to do, I now have to work out a train journey to Cardiff, with Jason, during half-term. A trip to Cardiff Airport (for information, to compile a travel review), look in to getting to Birmingham NEC, next month (for A SECRET meeting) either by car or train (train time tables are very confusing, as to long journey, times, connections, different train companies????????)

During my investigations, I have become aware that the, resort, in TUNISIA, of Port el Kantaoui, the marina is paved with “cobble stones” Another “challenge, for me to overcome !!! ( but it is only one, small, district, that we can visit/avoid !!)
I am stuck on a name, for my book, very high on my list (and one that I like) is –WHEELIE POSITIVE—but any suggestions will be very welcome.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Starting the week with MIND OVERLOAD

After going to the Travel Agents, we have chosen, Marhaba Palace, Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia. For a 14 day stay over Christmas / New Year.
This was a holiday not to be missed. As it was fairly cheap plus a huge discount was on offer (for 48 hours). More travel to investigate (and review), and submit. See

I have a “massive” task ahead of me, looking at train travel to Birmingham (for a meeting) it seems, at first look, that times and prices look prohibitive.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Mind "Overload"

Mind working overtime, again !!!!!! (so much so, that, my sleep is a bit disturbed)
Lots to go through the “grey matter” (so it takes a bit longer for me!)

Investigating places to visit, in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) for when we go in March. (Not that we`re going to do so much exploring as in Lanzarote, it’s a bigger place, and a “GOOD” excuse, to go back!!)
Any ideas, from people who have already been, would be very welcome.

Got to work out a route (and times) of trains, for a trip to the NEC, Birmingham, in early March. (for a meeting, in early March).

Got a lot of, computer files, to check and back-up, for future reference (when researching “my book”).

Havent been to the cinema for a while, NO TIME. (withdrawal symptoms to be encountered)

The NEW car, looks like it will be a Volkwagon, TOURAN. The “Motability” price has dropped, all we have to do is test drive the 1.6 litre model, to make sure its powerful enough (last test drive was in a 2.0litre turbo diesel “sport”, was very good, but out of our “range”)

Next Ataxia South Wales, Meeting, is to take place on Sunday 28th January at Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli.

Saturday, January 20, 2007



Went to the travel Agents (in Carmarthen) to see whats available.

Had lunch, in a not very good place, GET STUFFED, a pizza restuarant. 6 people sent their food back as it was cold, the second lot of food was still cold, so one customer got up to walk out, the chef came to see one person and said, NEXT TIME I WILL BURN IT FOR YOU, after this some food was still sent back, we finished our Pizza (which wasnt "cool enough" to complain about), and cup of coffee, and just left. Wont go there again!!

Another day and still I havent got anything done!!!

More infomation, came in the post, about my TOP SECRET CONFIDENTIAL mission (for 2008-9)

Thursday, January 18, 2007



Even more busy,

Now I am a day behind, with every thing !!!!!!

Yesterday, we decided to go to Fforestfach, Swansea. Went to the TRAVEL agent, spent a very long time, going though holidays, at the end of this year.
After a lot of research, have narrowed it down to Tunisia or Tenerife (we now have some “through” investigations to do.

We spent, so much time, in the travel agents, there was not much time for any thing else, it was dark and quite late.

Supper was decided to be taken in “Pizza Hut” before going home. Time we got home it was nearly 9.00pm.
Another (sort of) unproductive day, but, I have got another 2 reviews (and photos) to compile, on top of all that I have too do.

Plus my (computer) tutor, has sent an email, just to ask if I was OK, because I haven’t been in for a while. Reminds me I HAVENT DONE ANY STUDYING FOR A LONG TIME !!!!!!!, and just remembered, that the speech therapist is visiting (me at Coleshill) and I haven’t done any “ Tongue Exercises” that she has asked me to practice !!!!!

On top of all this, it was suggested, to me, a while ago, for me to WRITE A BOOK.
The more I think about it, the more of a good idea it seems. Ideas to think about – my life – Ataxia (disability) – travel – positive outlook (making my Digital Story).
And still keep my mind on my CONFIDENTIAL and Top Secret “aim”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


BUSY, BUSY, mind burning, BUSY

Still busy, busy, busy.(writing reviews, to submit)

Our holiday to Hyde Park Lane Bungalows, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, was fabulous, great weather (although a bit windy) chilly at night.

The resort was excellent for me, in the wheelchair, I could get about everywhere under my own steam!! I could even go to the promenade / beach (with a little assistance).

We toured the island, in a hire car. (there are plenty of buses and taxis).
Went to the Timanfaya Park to see the VOLCANOES. Comprising bus tour, hot water geyser, hot lava burning grass, and cooking food (for the restaurant)
Went on a CAMEL ride , at the base of the volcanoes.

Travelled South, to go for a Submarine dive in Peurto Calero, an excellent experience, and photo opportunity. (and the Submarine is YELLOW !!) afterwards they give you a certificate of your voyage, and you can purchase a photo, of you in front of the submarine.

Visited Playa Blanca (furthest point South) for a quick tour, from here you can catch a ferry over to the next island, Fuerteventura or even go for a glass bottomed boat ride (I didn’t have time to try these!)

We travelled North to Mirador del Rio, with a fantastic view point, on a mountain, over looking the island or La Graciosa.

All this and trying to relax in the sun, (and think about our next trip to Fuengirola, (March 2007) CANT WAIT!!!!
Already been browsing holiday brochures and watching travel programmes, on TV.
*** Cape Verde *** looks very inviting, although it is quite expensive, as it is an up and coming travel destination.

I have a few clips up on youtube, and will try and get some photos up on-line,

Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Update, before lunch. So bear in mind this, as I might only find time to send small updates to this site

I have so much to do,

Download / rename / back-up 308 photos, 8 (short) videos, 18 voice recordings / interviews / tour commentries.

multiple emails to reply to and more to write.

lots of scanning.

lots of (travel) reviews to compile and write, then submit.

upload some videos to youtube

investigate more travel ideas.

read some magazines and books.

catch-up on some TV.

Visit family.

organise a NEW Motability car

finalise the holiday in March.

Carmarthen Council have sent me a large draft (on countryside access ) to read and comment on.

On top of all this investigating a TOP SECRET idea (for the future).

busy, busy, busy.


Next Meeting Will be at
Coleshill Social Centre
on Sunday 28th January @ 4pm

Monday, January 15, 2007



Quick update.

Melanie (niece) has passed her, driving test (last Tuesday) her third attempt.

Jason (nephew) has been having toothache, most of last week. He went to the dentist, today, to have three teeth removed. This was done under a general anaesthetic, as his neurofibromatosis has a large a growth on his left cheek (which may need surgery to remove it, in the near future) and this is a very sensitive area.

We have got our car (Ford Fusion) back, after the accident damage has been repaired. We went to start the courtesy car, but the electronic key would not work, the garage told us how to get in the car manually but it would not start, they brought our car out, on a trailer and started theirs and took it away on the trailer.

We then went to visit Jason and go to Tesco to get some milk as we were running low, as we haven’t stocked up before the holiday. I have still have to read though all the emails, that I have had while away (over 25!!) still haven’t had time to download any of the holiday photos (or write any travel reviews, for various websites)



Hello, Got back last night..

wonderful holiday.. got hundreds of photos to sort out/download/rename.

Its very Cold, now we`re home...

lotys of infomation for writing reviews (could not inteview Manager of Cardiff Airport or take photos )( due to the flights from Bristol, being transfered to Cardiff, the airport was very very busy and the sercurity was very high!!).

Now, to get back to normal, will have to wait for our holiday in March , now :( ( although we have been looking in travel brochures and watching Holiday on the DVD from Last week, and going to scan the net for chaep getaways.

will add more later, ( when I am warmer !!!!)

Saturday, January 06, 2007



WOOHOO , excited !!
(my intention tremors are getting worse, nervous system , nearing OVERLOAD!!!)

Finshed packing (just the odd thing to go in hand luggage)

Heard the air travel reports (on the radio) have checked on (concerned) websites.
Jokingly I said " better take sleeping bags to the airport" by the looks of it, might have too, just in case !!!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007




Sorry, been a bit busy nd I have been ill, for the lastfew days.

Busy, doing alot of thinking (and investigating) a very, very secret thing, that I am turning over in the grey matter (whats left of it working)

Dawn has been packing the travel luggage, I will try an get my act together, to do my bit, ready for the off this weekend.
Got a phonecall, from Cardiff, airport, giving me permission to take photographs, for a travel review, that I will be be doing.

So there will be No entries for a while........Alan

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