Friday, June 29, 2007


Keep BUSY to Stave off WITHDRAWL !!!!!!!!!!

Went to Amroth, with the KAYAK. The Tide was on the way out, s not too far to walk. The sea was pretty “calm”, considering, the amount of wind!, but still, we went in.
The wind was taking, the Kayak, off course, had to paddle, just to keep in the same position. The water wasn’t that cold. The wind got a bit stronger and colder but then, it was evening. We “called it a day” and went to the car.

It has been a “slow” week.

Swimming, Monday, tutor said “I was progressing, that well, I could just have a tutor, every other week and have a public swim, in the week in between.
Managed to go out on my Tricycle, in the week.

Might of said before, but after, taking photos of Slipways, for Geoff, he suggested, that I submit them to now I want to go and photgraph some “Slipways” in the surrounding area, that are not on the website. So now I have a few places, to visit.

Talking of VISIT. I have been trying to make travel plans to drive from my house to StClears, catch the bus to Carmarthen, catch the train to my destination. Will see how it goes ??

Last night I attended a meeting of Taf Myrddin Community part of
I approached, a representative, of Carmarthenshire Tourist Association, to ask about the Llanboidy village website ????.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Withdrawl Symptoms... STILL

Not a very eventful week !!!!!

manged to get out on my TRICYCLE, for a CALMING couple of miles.

Went to Amroth with the KAYAK, on Saturday (evening) the tide was, just going out, so not far to go down to the water.

The sea was warm, and surprisingly calmish, considering the wind. We didnt stay long as the wind was blowing the KAYAK (faster than I could control it).

Yesterday (Sunday) we went shopping, and called at Towy Boat Club, we new that their Reggatta, was on. But by the time we arrived, the yachts were coming in and people were going home!!.

My weekly swim later. I am Driving a bit further every day (Drove to Carmarthen, NOT IN THE TOWN (Dawn took over, just outside the town), Amroth, StClears. Practice makes perfect (but perfect I wont be !!!!)

Now it is ,heavy rain and high winds (so NO trike today)

Looks like Geoff, will be staying put, for another day, in this weather, plus the tides are very important, on his travels.

The next South Wales Ataxia meeting will be July 15th.

Monday, June 18, 2007



It was decided, to go to Dale, early Thursday, Dawn said she would , drive down. It was a “lay-day” for Geoff -
After, we had passed the message on, about “radio Ceredigion”, we went up to St.Davids (via the coast).
We visited the Cathedral. Very Impressive, and HUGE, more at

Upon our return, home. I had a message, from Tivyside Advertiser, newspaper, to ring them, about Geoff.

This I did, on Friday am.
A “PANIC” started, early, today !!!!
Geoff, had started to sail, and was making, such good progress, I though that I might miss him in Fishgaurd!! (My transport, plans, were for bit later in the day). It was time to test my driving. It was the furthest I have driven, on my own, and it meant driving through a (small) town.
In Fishgaurd harbour, I parked, on the beach front (by the Tourist information Centre) The P.E. team were NOT to be seen. Within minutes, I saw their convoy, going towards the ferry terminal!!. I found out, they had use of a “slipway”, with the kind permission of Fishgaurd RNLI.
While we waited, for Geoff, to arrive, the P.E. team and I were made at “home” by the staff of the station. I managed to get photos of the station, Irish Ferries (both types) and the P.E team and Geoff (on a “rather-STEEP) slipway.

This was going to be my “last” chance to follow him around, the Welsh coast.
I had a conversation, with Geoff, and the team, to say “GOODBYE and GOODLUCK” and will (hopefully) “meet up with them at Southampton, at the FINISH LINE.
I made, my way home, in the afternoon, and to hear Geoff make an Interview on radio Ceredigion. HE THANKED ME, for FOLLOWING his PROGRESS. Thank You.

Next day, Saturday, we were to go and review some holiday cottages with access and facilities for mobility impaired people. My report will be, on the “NEW” Carmarthen, pages of . This property was in North of Carmarthenshire, NOT that far from Aberystwyth, Geoff`s next stop!!!.
Dawn and I, thought the same, we would try to see him, after we had done, this visit.

Around lunch time, we made our way to the coast, via Lampeter on to Aberaeron, along the coast to Aberystwyth.

We got to “Aber” the tide was out, and the slipway(s) in the marina, made available. Geoff, was to be a hour or so, so went to have a cup of tea.

We went back to the slipway to see the arrival, of the sailor.
Geoff, was very “surprised/pleased” to see us, after we had already said “GOODBYE” in Fishgaurd!!.

The bottom of the “slipway”, is very “stoney/rocky, which made for some careful manoeuvring.
Another “farewell” conversation, took place, and we were presented with Personal Everest T-Shirts, which will be worn “with PRIDE”.

NOW “WITHDRAWL SYMTOMS” have set in, as it is NOT possible to follow, any more, it means “tracking” his progress, by the internet.

Race for Life, took place on Sunday (in Llanelli).

Dawn was number 589. running for her DAD and AUNTY.
She was accompanied by her friend Christine.
There was, about 3000, taking part, a fairly large event. The weather (on arrival) was warm, but it soon went damp and then drizzle set in.
All taking place had a medal and a “goody” bag (from Race for Life).
I will post photos on as soon as I can.

From there, we went to BHS, Carmarthen, for lunch, then up to St.Dogmeals, to place flowers on Dawns father`s grave. Then take Jason home (St.Clears) and then return home.

Today, Monday, Time to catch-up on my emails / computer related activities.
Go to my Swimming lesson, (Drive to it)

I think, a trip to see Glyn of Towy Boat Club (Glyn is a good friend of Geoff Holt) to see about teaching ME to sail!!!
This might help me with the “PE Withdrawl Symtoms”!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Excited ---and--- Dilemma`s

After, a VERY EXCITING, day- meeting Geoff- , in Dale.
I have (last night) been contacted, by a “local” Radio Station, that wants to interview Geoff and his P.E. team, all I have to do is get the message, to him. Which seems simple, but I, don’t know, mobile telephone number, which if they, had one- 1 the signal, around the coast is very weak/intermittent, 2- I would not like to “use” it, as they want to keep it for the sole/important use of communicating, with the team.
3- (this is where it becomes complicated)
the weather, might have, prevented Geoff, from sailing out, of Dale, (read his blog for more info.), which means, I am unsure of the exact position of the team, could be Dale or Fishgaurd !!.

Which leaves, me, with some dilemmas.
Dawn Has, the day off, and I don’t want to tie up her day, but we need to get a message to the P.E. team (which means driving to Dale and along to Fishgaurd, in the search for them!!!.
If sailing, today, is put “on hold”, then, do I NOT go to Coleshill, tomorrow? And, meet him in Fishgaurd? (my transport problems, for that !, Do I drive?, get a lift? (which means staying, there, until Dawn picks me up after work), go down on the train? (train station, is in the ferry terminal, away from the “slipway`s”, plus the times are early am/late evening!!??)

This weekend`s Diary is already “booked up” (Saturday, I am to visit and review some accommodation, for DHI-
Sunday, Dawn is entered in “Race for Life”, Llanelli, and I am going to watch/support her.

At 8.30 am, it looks like Geoff, is in Dale, so a trip down there, is on the cards.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Went to see Geoff Holt , coming in to Dale.

It was fairly windy, but very warm. Went in the Cafe, for a cup of tea, while we waited.
I asked the P.E. team how "Geoff" was getting along- about 1 hour and a half- to go, - 10 mins later, Geoff was in sight !! (so their meal was cut short).

I had MY photo, taken, with Geoff, sat in his boat, and his son.
I am "over the moon" to track his progress, around the coast.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007



Been SO, BUSY, this Blog, hasn’t had time to be updated !!!.

Went to Mochyn Du,Cardiff (Saturday, 9-6-07).
To attend a South Wales Ataxia meeting, very successful, a lot of new faces.

A nice pub (considering its in the city, there was no “City” noise). The “wheelie” access, isn’t up to scratch?? Very small doorways, small “thresholds” on doorways, disabled toilet very, very small (door wont shut, with a “lot” of manoeuvring, with even a small “wheelie”) some “outside areas” are paved with gravel (or uneven stones).

On our return, we stopped at Mc Arthur Glenn, Bridgend, to get some “deck shoes” (for me to wear, on the sand and in the sea, Cant Balance, very well, on the uneven sand.
Found some, in “Helly Hanson” Looked at “Bouyancy aids” while in there, but they didn’t have a size to fit, will carry on using the old “life-Jacket”, that I have, at the moment.
Then we travelled down to Amroth, Beach, to have a go at Kayaking.
The tide was out, but it was worth get all the kit on and walking down to the sea. The sea was fairly calm, I soon learnt to go in to the waves “head-on”. Only once was I caught out, unawares But I didn’t CAPSIZE. It was good to taste the Salt water, after such a very long time.

Getting the wet-suit on and off is a major event, in it self.

Afterwards, once home, we have to rinse down, all the equipment, so to get (as much as we can) the salt water, off of every thing.
A trip to Pembrey Country Park, was Sundays adventure.
We (Jason, Elaine, Dawn and I) took a picnic, which we eat, on the wooden, disabled access, at the top of the beach.
There were quite a few people on the beach, as this is a fairly popular place for a day out, but the park is SO big, and has plenty, to do, it is NOT to crowded.

As the, KAYAK, is a fairly “new design” and not that highly “seen”. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Dragonfly Inflatable 1 person Kayak, as viewed at or or We have, had, quite a few onlookers and questions, about it !!.
I lost my walking stick, when one (large) wave, washed it away, from me, but we did find it. The search is on, for some sort of “float” in bright colours, so it wont go AWOL, even if it does, it will be easy to see,.

After, we had a few long hours, in the sea, we packed the car,to return home. While heading home, we decided to continue, travelling, on to Tenby, to see if Geoff Holt had reached his next port. He wasn’t there, but I managed to take a few photos, of the harbour, including taking a few, of the “slipways” so I could email them to Geoff and his team, so they can plan the journey. (I have done this procedure, for them, at Fishguard Harbour, so they have so more information, to help them with their task).

My Swimming lesson, took place on Monday, at Crymych Leisure Centre, to which I DROVE. The Instructor was really impressed, with the way I have come along since last week. I am at the single “float” stage. Basic swimming stokes (the 2012 Olympics, are NOT feasible !!!)


This morning, I had made (transport arrangements via Elaine (sister in law) to go to Fishguard, to meet Geoff Holt. Just before, Elaine picked me up, I checked, my email, and one of Geoff`s team (Andy) (of ) had sent me an email, to say “that they were having “A lay day” so we changed our plans and went to Tenby to see him, on the quay side P.E. camp.
While I was talking to him, he said he was going to make a stop in Dale, on his trip along the Welsh Coast.

** Geoff will make a stop at Dale, before travelling further round the coast **

I am, now the holder of a signed photo (of the PE team) which was given to me.

Tomorrow, (unless I have any obstacles, in my way??) we WILL be in DALE, to see Geoff sail in, and on Thursday, a trip to Fishguard, is in the diary.

I will, try to find time, to put some photos, up on

Monday, June 04, 2007


Another Target-- passed

Drove to the leisure Centre (8miles) to my swimming Lesson.

Very exhausted, now (not used to it) last time I went swimming was 25 yeas (or so) ago.

Went to Theatr Mwldan (sunday) "Meet the Robinsons"- A fairly good film

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